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Partnership with Unicef

PragueAirport-Transfer is excited to announce its proud new partnership with UNICEF Czech Republic. supports the project Adopt a Doll and safe a Child by amount of 5 CZK from each received booking.

Adopt a Doll and safe a Child

In 2002 UNICEF Czech Republic started a project entitled !Adopt a Doll“. This program, was adapted from a similar program initiated by UNICEF in Italy in 1988. The project itself consists of volunteers and children who design and make rag dolls. Each Doll that is created is given a birth certificate that inludes the Doll's name, date of birth, appearance and city / country of origin. The Dolls are then sold at UNICEF card, gift shops and by partners e.g. PragueAirport-Transfer.

The purpose of this project is to advocate and raise money for UNICEF's child immunization programs. Each Doll that is “adopted“ / sold, sells for the equivalent of 30 USD – UNICEF's cost for providing immunization and vaccinations to children against six preventable diseases.

The amount at which you can adopt the doll is 600 CZK (approx. 20 GBP / 25 EUR) and it is determined according cost necessary for one child vaccination against six main mortal children diseases in the poorest countries.

Do you want to adopt your own Doll?
Please note in your booking form in the field SPECIAL REQUEST that you want to buy a Doll and our driver will sell you a Doll right in the car upon your arrival. You will get a Doll with a birth cerificate confirmed by UNICEF.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at:

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